Demolition Tools: Digital Multimeter EM308

Demolition Tools: Digital Multimeter EM308

Digital Multimeter EM308

Article No.: 1050004


Measuring Ranges (minimum):


VDC  up to 600 V

VAC  up to 600 V

ADC  up to 10 A

AAC  up to 10 A

R  up to 20 MOhm

Produkt News

New Ballistic Shield on Wheels NIJ3+

The ballistic trolley shield NIJ 3+ is a new development which has addressed the need to provide a robust, stable and highly manoeuvrable shield platform for shield deployment whilst at the same time enabling rapid dismounting from the platform for hand held operations.



New Endoscopes / Videoscopes

Force ware now offers a range of Fiberscopes / Videoscopes specially made in Germany for EOD and Security purposes. Please check the areas EOD for EOD Videoscopes and Security for Security Fiber- and Videoscopes.