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Body Protection


Comprehensive Safety

The Bomb Protection Suit (BPS), Demining Apron DA2, Demining Suit MPS4, and Mine Protection Suit MPS2 Advanced offer varying levels of protection against explosive fragments. They are all certified and compliant with international safety standards and constructed with modern, resilient materials to resist impact from blasts. All these suits ensure comprehensive coverage of either the full body or the torso, and they are ergonomically designed to guarantee comfort and mobility while still offering protection. Similarly, the Modular Tactical Vest Tacticum, which is designed to accommodate the addition or removal of various components based on user needs and mission specifics, offers premium ballistic protection. It is adjustable, lightweight and can efficiently operate under varying weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Body Protection

  • Demining Suits/Aprons and Bomb/Mine Protection Suits

    Do these suits/aprons hold certifications for a specific level of blast protection?

    Each product holds certification and testing against defined standards of protection, detailed in their descriptions. They are constructed to offer protection as per the set international norms.

    Can you define the coverage of these suits/aprons?

    The Demining Suit and the Demining Apron primarily shield the full body and torso, safeguarding against the harmful effects of explosive fragments. The Bomb Protection Suit ensures full body coverage, focusing notably on vital organs.

    What materials are these suits constructed from?

    The suits are compiled from modern protective materials. This composition is lightweight, flexible, and durable, designed to resist the impact of blast fragments.

    Are these suits usable in extreme weather conditions?

    These suits are designed to retain their protective characteristics under varied environmental circumstances, including extreme temperatures.

    How comfortable are these suits?

    While protection is a crucial aspect, comfort is equally acknowledged. These suits are ergonomically designed, enabling maximum manoeuvrability without compromising on protection.

  • Modular Tactical Vest

    What is the extent of ballistic protection provided by the Tactical Vest?

    The Modular Tactical Vest Tacticum renders high-grade ballistic protection, aligning with the international standards for ballistic protection.

    What is implied by the vest being 'modular'?

    The term 'modular' denotes the vest's ability to accommodate the addition or subtraction of varied components, which can be changed as per user requirements and mission specifics.

    Can the vest be adjusted for different body sizes?

    Yes, the vest is adaptable, and its size can be modified to suit a broad range of body sizes.