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Foot Protection


Designed for best Protection

Introducing the Blast Protected Combat Boot BCB2, specifically designed for defending against anti-personnel landmines. Meet STANAG 2920 standards with its metal-free design, ensuring optimal safety and durability in harsh conditions. With ballistic protection on the sole and sides, these boots provide unmatched shielding. Suitable for all genders, they offer comfortable wear during daily operations. Prioritize foot protection with our boots today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Foot Protection

  • Blast Protected Combat Boot BCB2

    What makes the Blast Protected Combat Boot BCB2 special?

    The Blast Protected Combat Boot BCB2 is specifically designed to provide protection against anti-personnel landmines. With its metal-free design and compliance with STANAG 2920 standards, these boots offer optimal safety and durability even in the harshest conditions.

    Does the Blast Protected Combat Boot BCB2 offer additional protection features?

    Absolutely! These boots are built with ballistic protection on both the sole and sides, ensuring comprehensive shielding. They are designed to prioritize your safety in hazardous environments.

    Are the Blast Protected Combat Boot BCB2 suitable for everyone?

    Yes, these boots are suitable for all genders. They have been crafted with not only advanced protection but also comfort in mind, making them ideal for daily operations and ensuring a comfortable fit for all wearers.