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Head Protection


Uncompromising Head Protection

Discover our comprehensive selection of head protection products, meticulously designed to provide safety in high-risk environments. Our demining helmets and visors offer specialized protection against the blast of anti-personnel landmines, ensuring safety for professionals in this field. Additionally, our Protection Helmet FWH3 is specifically engineered to defend against fragments and handgun bullets, prioritizing your safety in demanding situations. Invest in our reliable head protection solutions and ensure optimal safety in critical operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Head Protection

  • Demining Helmets and Visors

    What makes the Demining Helmet with Visor DHV5 special?

    The Demining Helmet with Visor DHV5 is a specialized helmet that offers protection against the blast of anti-personnel landmines. It features a robust design to effectively shield individuals working in demining operations from explosive hazards and maintain their safety.

    How does the Demining Helmet with Visor DHV6.4 differ from the DHV5?

    The Demining Helmet with Visor DHV6.4 also provides advanced protection against the blast of anti-personnel landmines, similar to the DHV5. However, it may offer additional enhancements or specifications that are tailored to meet specific requirements or preferences of demining professionals.

    Tell me more about the Demining Visor DV5

    The Demining Visor DV5 is a protective visor designed to defend against fragments of exploding anti-personnel landmines. It can be used in conjunction with compatible helmets to provide comprehensive protection for the face and eyes, ensuring the safety of demining professionals in high-risk environments.

  • Protection Helmet

    What sets the Protection Helmet FWH3 apart?

    The Protection Helmet FWH3 is a helmet specifically designed to provide defense against fragments and handgun bullets. With its advanced construction and materials, it offers head protection, making it suitable for individuals working in environments where such threats are present.