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Item no.: 1060070

Protection Helmet FWH3

Protection helmet against fragments and handgun bullets
  • Description
    • High protection level
    • Quality boltless shell
    • Excellent suspension system with 3-point link system
    • Chin belt with reduced force on the chin and quick release catch

    The Protection Helmet FWH3 is a modern protection helmet fulfilling requirements of ballistic protection for security forces. The helmet is also known to be used by United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. The shell is made from high quality aramid fiber. Its parts are resistant to all weather conditions. All elements in the helmet are attached without drilling holes. This so-called boltless shell system eliminates weak points leading to a better protection.

    Article number S – 1060070-10
    M – 1060070-11
    L – 1060070-12
    XL – 1060070-13
    Available sizes and weight

    S – approx. 1.43 kg (3.15 lbs)
    M – approx. 1.50 kg (3.31 lbs)
    L – approx. 1.68 kg (3.70 lbs)
    XL – approx. 1.71 kg (3.77 lbs)

    Protection level

    v50 = 650 m/s (2133 ft/s) according to STANAG 2920, IIIA according to NIJ

    Colors Black, dark blue, olive, coyote brown
    Warranty 12 months against labor faults
    Life time of ballistics 5 years

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