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Item no.: 1100300-65

Fragmentation Shield

Fragmentation shield against fragments of exploding mines
Protection level*
  • Description
    • Protection level 650 m/s or 750 m/s according to STANAG 2920
    • Telescopic legs for comfortable use
    • The shield is available with an optional foot pedal for improved anchorage

    The Fragmentation Shield is a protection shield which has been specifically designed for mine clearance and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) work. It supports EOD technicians in operations where a protection is required from anti-personnel mines or other explosives.

    The shield has two telescopic legs that can be placed into the ground. This supports an upright position. Also, it is characterized by a centrally located window. Four soft handles are fitted to the reverse of the shield to assist in carrying it.

    Article number 650 m/s - 1100300-65
    750 m/s - 1100300-75
    Protection level v50 = 650 m/s and 750 m/s according to STANAG 2920
    Color Black
    Weight 650 m/s - approx. 14.00 kg (30.86 lbs)
    750 m/s - approx. 17.00 kg (37.48 lbs)
    Dimensions 130 cm x 70 cm (51.18 x 27.56 in)