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Tool Kits


Experience Safety and Efficiency with our Advanced Demining and IEDD Tool Kits

Our range of Tool Kits for demining and IEDD includes the versatile Deminers' Tool Set (DTS) designed for various mine searching tasks and the Demolition Kit DK4, which provides the necessary apparatus for the safe demolition of mines and IEDs. We also offer five versions of the Hook and Line Kits (HLK1 to HLK5), engineered to safely move suspect objects from varying distances with the complexity and operation distance increasing with each kit. In addition, our three variants of Non-Magnetic Tool Kits, FWT36, FWT63, and FWT85, are designed for the disassembly of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), mines and IEDs, reducing the risk of accidental detonation by not activating potential magnetic triggers present in these dangerous devices. Each kit focuses on user safety, precision, versatility and durability, expertly tailored to carry out demining and defusing tasks proficiently and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Tool Kits

  • Tool Kits

    What is the difference between the various Hook and Line Kits?

    Each Hook and Line Kit is designed to safely move suspect devices from varying distances. The difference between the HLK1 to HLK5 lies in the complexity and distance of operation. As the kit number increases, so does the ability to handle more complex and distant tasks.

    What is the advantage of the Non-Magnetic Tool Kits over other tool kits?

    Our Non-Magnetic Tool Kits like FWT36, FWT63 and FWT85 have been designed specifically for the disassembly of UXO, mines and IEDs. The Non-magnetic property of these tools reduce the risk of detonation by not interfering with any potential magnetic triggers in these devices.

    Is the Deminers' Tool Set suitable for all types of mines?

    Yes, the Deminers' Tool Set (DTS) is a versatile tool kit and is designed for various mine searching works. It's an essential kit for any deminer.

    What is the use of the Demolition Kit DK4?

    The DK4 Demolition Kit is designed for the safe and controlled demolition of mines and IEDs. It provides the required tools to ensure the operator's safety while performing what can often be a dangerous task.

    What kind of focuses do these kits have in design and functionality?

    Our range of kits are designed keeping in mind user safety, precision and versatility. They are made from robust materials ensuring their durability and longevity, and are specifically tailored to accomplish different demining and defusing tasks proficiently.